Uipath Autopilot now integrates across all platform components

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UiPath unveiled its Autopilot AI capabilities during the Forward VI event held in Las Vegas. With a single click, UiPath Autopilot can transform paper documents into automation-powered applications, enabling digital transformation for enterprises. This significant announcement extended Autopilot integration to all of UiPath's platform components, encompassing Studio, Assistant, Apps, mining, and Test suite. UiPath's autopilot feature will combine generative AI, specialized AI, and automation to empower users at all levels with AI support. This blog centers around its application across all components.

Autopilot for UiPath Studio & Apps

For developers, there's Autopilot for UiPath Studio, which autonomously generates workflows, code, and expressions using natural language. Additionally, Autopilot for UiPath Apps creates applications, including interfaces like input forms, from text, documents, and images.

Autopilot for Test Suite

Testers benefit from Autopilot for Test Suite, which automatically generates tests and test code from requirements and comments. It also provides valuable insights from test execution results.

Autopilot for UiPath Process Mining 

Analysts can utilize Autopilot for UiPath Process Mining to conduct natural language analysis, apply filters, generate summaries, and create dashboards. It also automatically generates queries from text and applies analytical filters, including UiPath Communications Mining.

Autopilot for UiPath Assistant

Business users can access Autopilot for UiPath Assistant, enabling them to communicate in natural language for automation suggestions or to create new automation. This eliminates time-consuming daily tasks through AI. Clipboard AI is also available for efficient data copy-pasting, even for users without specialized AI skills. All UiPath products harness the power of generative AI to comprehend text, documents, and images, enhancing daily work efficiency for many.

Autopilot for UiPath Communications Mining

UiPath Communications Mining utilizes natural language processing to analyze texts such as emails and automate tasks. It can classify emails related to orders, recognize order numbers, product IDs, and quantities, and calculate positive and negative scores from email content. Additionally, it can register information in ERP systems and compose reply emails based on email content.

Autopilot for UiPath IDP

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has been enhanced with specialized AI and generative AI, offering Generative Classification for speedy document categorization and Generative Extraction for extracting specific information from documents and messages.

Advanced Add-on

Uipath also added the UiPath AI Trust Layer at the FORWARD VI event.
UiPath AI Trust Layer focuses on enhancing trust, transparency, and control for responsible AI by improving data security, access control, and more.

The innovative generative AI collaboration connector seamlessly integrates with a diverse array of globally popular third-party AI generators. This versatile integration encompasses a wide range of capabilities, including text generation, summarization, chatbots, language translation, image recognition, and text extraction from images. By harnessing these capabilities, business operations are poised for significant enhancement, ultimately culminating in the complete automation of processes.

Uipath added specialized AI training programs and certification pathways to the Academy platform. It will enable a broad and varied workforce to acquire the pivotal skills necessary to excel in the practical realms of automation and AI projects, meeting the surging demand for these proficiencies within the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.

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